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Put Regina’s most experienced residential and commercial cleaning company to work for you.


Cleaning with Class takes great pride in providing outstanding service to residential and commercial customers.

Each day, 18 full-time and five part-time employees work in homes and businesses across Regina. Our crews include a supervisor who checks all work completed and 1-2 additional employees. Crews work in teams to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently.

Each crew member is fully bonded and has completed a criminal record check. The security of your home or business is always top of mind!

Ease of Preparation

You’re busy. We get it.

Many customers feel they have to clean up, before we clean. No matter your style, the Cleaning with Class crews will work hard to clean your home or business.

Tidy a little. Tidy a lot. Either way, we will do our best based on what you can do, and you can expect it to feel good to be home!

We recognize we are in your home and we respect both your privacy and personal space. If there are areas you do not want us to clean, we can easily communicate that to the crews.

It’s Time to Clean!

Cleaning with Class follows clear protocols when cleaning.

  • Rags are never used more than once.
  • We use 15-20 rags per home; separating bathrooms, mirrors, counters, kitchens and dusting.
  • Cleaning products are low-odor and environmentally friendly.
  • All products are commercial grade to ensure surfaces are disinfected.
  • Each clean uses a minimum of two mops. Mops are never used from location to location.


Exceptional residential cleaning services!

-Remove streaks on appliances; use stainless steel cleaner if required.
-Sink is cleaned and spot free.
-Taps, drain and behind sink cleaned with toothbrush if needed.
-Stove tops cleaned and streak free (knobs removed & cleaned under).
-Top of fridge wiped (if possible), microwave (inside and out) and range hood wiped.
-Water cooler wiped down if applicable.
-Counter tops are clean and free of any debris & streaks.
-Kitchen table and chairs are wiped down including bar stools at island.
-Table and chairs have been moved to vacuum and wash floor underneath.
-Wash floors under the cupboards making sure there is no crumbs left.
-Fronts of cupboards are spot washed and knobs cleaned where needed.
-Wipe light switches.
-Window sill wiped (if less than 10 items on sill).
-Patio door & kitchen window by sink cleaned if applicable.


-Toilets are cleaned inside, rims, base etc.
-Use brush to clean around seat if needed.
-Shower is cleaned. Inside and out including the track (no streaks).
-Sinks and counter tops are clean with no streaks or “stuff” left on them.
-All around the taps and back of sink is cleaned, plug and drain cleaned.
-Baseboards wiped.
-Mirrors are cleaned and streak free.
-Everything placed back neat in appearance.
-Wipe light switches.
-Light fixtures wet wiped.
-Window sills wiped.
-Vanity wiped down – front and sides.
-Floors washed, including behind toilet where mop does not fit and under garbage cans.
-Hardware wiped (toilet paper holder, towel racks).
-Toothpaste holders, soap dishes, soap dispensers wiped.
-Any toothpaste washed off walls around and vanities. 


-Everything is moved and dusted.
-Pictures, railings – tops and bottom dusted.
-Dust the tops and sides of window sills.
-Dust doors, window and door casings.
-Blankets folded, pillows neat and items tidied (books, videos, magazines, remotes etc).


-Vacuumed and/or washed.
-No debris left anywhere on floors.
-No streaks under kitchen.
-Bathroom cupboards are clean.
-Area rugs are vacuumed.
-Clean under furniture – vacuumed and mopped.


-Garbages collected, bags replaced.
-Everything has been put back in its place.
-All lights off in-house.

Add-Ons (on request)

-Spot wash walls or complete wall washing.
-Change bedding.
-Wet wipe all baseboards (except bathroom as they are done as part of the regular clean).
-Garbage cans washed out and sanitized.
-Light fixtures washed down.
-Inside of appliances cleaned (fridge and stove).
-Inside windows, window sills.
-Post-construction; post-renovation.


We are the clean up crew for Regina’s biggest cleans!
Professional Clean

-Let us manage all of your Commercial cleaning needs. With over a decade of experience, we make your office shine!

New Construction

New Construction cleaning for your home or business.
New Construction

-We approach each new construction clean with care and attention! Call us for details on New Construction cleaning.

With over a decade of experience, we’re known as the clean up crew for some of Regina’s toughest customers. From making your floors gleam to making your bathroom sparkle, we make it feel to good to be home!

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