Trust and Security

We Hire the Right Crews

We recognize the importance of hiring the right employees for the job. Keeping your home or business secure is a priority.

Each of our employees undergo a criminal record check, reference checks and a training period. Reference checks include former employers and verification of credentials, or confirmation of responsibilities, to be sure employees can be trusted in your home or business.  During the training period, an employee’s work is closely supervised to be sure it meets the Cleaning with Class standard.

With nearly 50 years of combined experience, our crews can deliver an exceptional cleaning service to you.  Cleaning with Class employees are long-term employees, who are committed to the work they do.

Your Home is Secure.

Each of our employees are fully bonded and insured.

Each crew carries a mobile device with the details about the services to be performed that day. Special requests from customers or notes about pets inside are all shared with the crew. The device, along with a secure case for keys or other access information, must returned at the end of each day. Crews can only access limited information about each location through the paid service on the device and devices are returned to Cleaning with Class each day to ensure your security.

Crews have no access to the security information after the clean is complete, and the information cannot be accessed on a non-service day.

Employees are never alone in your home. Crews include a supervisor with approximately three years of experience and 1-2 additional crew members.  Giving you peace of mind, knowing your home is always secure.

Ease of Preparation

You’re busy. We get it.

Many customers feel they have to clean up, before we clean. No matter your style, the Cleaning with Class crews will work hard to clean your home or business.

Tidy a little. Tidy a lot. Either way, we will do our best based on what you can do, and you can expect it to feel good to be home!

We recognize we are in your home and we respect both your privacy and personal space. If there are areas you do not want us to clean, we can easily communicate that to the crews.

It’s Time to Clean!

Cleaning with Class follows clear protocols when cleaning.

  • Rags are never used more than once.
  • We use 15-20 rags per home; separating bathrooms, mirrors, counters, kitchens and dusting.
  • Cleaning products are low-odor and environmentally friendly.
  • All products are commercial grade to ensure surfaces are disinfected.
  • Each clean uses a minimum of two mops. Mops are not used from location to location.

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It feels good to be home!

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